Rebekah's Story

Rebekah Maxwell was born in Manhattan, NY and spent her early years living near the UN.  Her father, a professional Jazz musician and her mother, a secretary for CBS, raised her to love the city and to appreciate an eclectic blend of music.  When Rebekah turned eight, her parents gave her an Emerson stereo with a record player, 8 track, and radio, which she listened to incessantly.  As Rebekah's grew, so did her love of music, which was fortunately nurtured in a community that was supportive of the arts.  

At age eleven the unthinkable took place- her father passed away leaving with her with his legacy of music.  Music became her solace more than ever.  It's what helped her heal.  As the years passed and her musical tastes evolved, what always remained was an affinity for the soulful rhythms she grew up hearing her father rehearse and perform, and it's those soulful rhythms she internalized which continue to drive the music she writes today.    

Rebekah's own writing career began in college with a Gibson Nouveau that her mother helped her purchase at a local music shop she and her father would visit in her youth.  On that guitar, Rebekah wrote and performed her first songs.   She spent time honing her craft and discovering her unique sound.  Many songs later, Rebekah got a call that there was a Hardman baby grand destined for a land fill and that she could have it if she could take it within 24 hours.  Rebekah made it happen.  From the very first notes she played, a lasting love affair was born which has inspired Rebekah's debut album, SHOT IN THE DARK.

Rebekah's belief in taking chances, stretching to the limits of one's own comfort zone, and just being open to following one's dreams, resulted in a musical collaboration that led to the introduction of producer Johnny Blk.  Mr. Blk who has co-written and produced music for international artists like Jessie J, Estelle, and Chris Daughtry, agreed to produce Rebekah's album. As a result of working with such an esteemed talent, to co-writing songs with various musicians, to creating her own publishing company, and by becoming an avid student of the music industry, Rebekah has grown not only as a writer and as a musician, but as an entrepreneur as well.  

Further validation of her ability as a writer and singer came in June of 2014 when Rebekah got the unbelievable opportunity to meet music legend, Roseann Cash. A friend of Rebekah's had won a session on songwriting with Ms. Cash from a radio station benefit auction, and invited Rebekah to come along.  Just expecting to take notes and learn what she could, Rebekah was floored when Ms. Cash asked to hear her music.  Rebekah played for her the produced tracks from Turn Another Page and Ms. Cash gave her invaluable feedback.  Then Ms. Cash asked her if there were any unproduced tracks of the same songs. Rebekah played for her a recording of the third track on her album entitled, Lost In The Fray, that she had recorded as a voice memo with a friend in her living room months prior.  Rebekah couldn't have imagined what would happen next.  Ms. Cash offered to share some of her industry contacts with Rebekah on the spot.  Rebekah has always been a firm believer of women supporting other women but when Ms. Cash offered to support her, Rebekah was overwhelmed.  She tried to hold back the tears, but she couldn't.  And now, "crying tears of joy on Roseann Cash's couch" is an accomplishment Rebekah is proud to add to her list of credits.  

In the fall of 2014, Rebekah truly felt she was on her way.  She was making inroads in the industry and had even earned a spot as a finalist in ASCAP's Jerry Ragavoy Writer's Workshop in NY.  While waiting for the final notification, she received a heart shattering diagnosis of breast cancer.  Her world came to a screeching halt and she had no choice but to withdraw from the running and focus on her health.  She battled through a year of surgeries, practiced deep introspection, and re-evaluated what mattered most to her.   With the love, support, and encouragement of her family Rebekah battled through and won the fight.  

Cancer free and ready to make industry inroads once again, Rebekah applied for and won a spot at the ASCAP Harold Adamson Writer's Workshop in Los Angeles this past November.. There she met and  collaborated with Joaquin Howard, (John Legend,) who in turn introduced her to Mike Campbell, (A Great Big World/Christina Aguilera.)  The result is some fantastic music.   

While Rebekah continues to write and perform, she has opened a boutique music licensing firm, Sway Music Group, LLC.. She represents a growing roster of independent emerging artists who are looking to place their music in T.V., film, and advertising.  

Rebekah currently lives with her husband and three children whose unwavering love and devotion have made this all possible.  They bring out her music within and have inspired her to pursue her passion.  Rebekah invites you to join her on this journey so that she can share her music with you.  To her, music heals, it brings joy, and is pure love.  

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